This is Brother Brooklyn…

Long story short, I was born and bred “Brooklyn Hustle” (society) aka born in sin and shaped in iniquity 1960 -1977.

1977-1989:  Joined the U. S. Navy and saw the world until the Brooklyn Hustle did what it did (insert:  this is not how it was supposed to go) and I was discharged.

Fast-forward to1995, my cousin brought me to the Church with “the long lines”, shout out to Linden Blvd (where the revelation of looking at life from Gods Point of View first began to be seated in my mental thought process).

Fast-forward to 1998:  With this revelation knowledge, prayer and focus, I learned to deal with the “issues of life” by applying the principles and patterns of Christ Jesus.  I heard a Father’s Day message that empowered my spirit-man so much that it gave it enough power to focus on leaving the Big Apple.  By February, 1999, the message (God’s word), had fought and won my affections.  I began to manifest that affection into my actions that eventually produced a move to Muskegon Heights, Michigan to be a “Father” to my three children which resulted in my taking the first step in breaking the generational “fatherless curse” type of guilt/weight.  Thank You Lord!

Fast forward to 2001:  Applying the Principles and Patterns of Christ Jesus and the desire to respond to life issues from Gods Point of View.
I accepted the Lord to be the love of my life.  I answered the call of spreading the Good News as an Apostolic Faith Minister (small lol…one without a “charismatic hoop”).  I enjoy speaking from my mental transition of how I got over on what the Brooklyn Hustle had shown and taught me (a renewed mind of Christ Jesus).  Shout out to 412 E. Sherman Blvd!  With my desire to be about my Father’s business, I elected the path from which I was produced from (prison ministry), where we go in and “have church” and dialogue about the relationship between choice and consequence.
With the dunamis power of the Word entrenched in my thought process, I returned to school and “got” what was mine. My degree in Automation Engineering now gives me the opportunity to design and program robotic systems that are used in the aerospace industry. Simply put, I put things together and make them work for a purpose. Thank you Lord).
As I insert the dunamis, dynamite power of God’s Word into my thought process, I have found that it blows my natural man’s mind limitations, blesses my ears to hear, O my eyes to see and my heart to receive His Word in truth. It’s my prayer to transition from putting automated robotic systems together so that they work as designed, to working as “I” was designed (best believe there is a shout in that statement). In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Giving a shout out to the visible light of “letting the Spirit-Man do what it do”!

Brother Brooklyn